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Lighthouse Hunting

Being an islander it is sometimes hard to see what we take for granted from this Island of ours. The long dirt roads, the lush fields and the ocean surrounding us; these are merely a background noise to our everyday routine. As I had been away from the Island for so long, upon my return I was able to see things that I had taken for granted for so many years.


What I always loved most about Prince Edward Island was the water encompassing this small piece of land and mingling with the sandy shoreline beneath my toes. In saying that, the water may have been what I missed but the most alluring thing about the Island that I had neglected to admire was the commonness of such beautiful lighthouses occupying the many coasts of Prince Edward Island.


Many of the colonial lighthouses found on the Island were built before 1873 while providing a distinguishing flash pattern to early settlers when travelling by sea. These lighthouses in particular have an octagonal shape much like the Covehead lighthouse, while each one has it’s own individual day markings and flash patterns.


Travelling across the Island, whether you’re vacationing in Cavendish, oyster shucking in Souris or even downtown Charlottetown; a lighthouse is always nearby reflecting off the adjacent Atlantic Ocean. As my admiration for the Island’s beauty grew stronger, I decided to become a tourist for a day and see this province for what it really is, disregarding the fact that I’ve seen many of these roads before – I called it “Lighthouse Hunting”.

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Any day that I had free I would travel to a coast line, unaware of any lighthouses nearby in the hopes that I would spot one. To my surprise, I have yet to travel without sighting one in the distance. Some were old and needed a little TLC while others were grand, standing tall over steep vibrant red cliffs. Looking through tourist’s eyes in my own hometown allowed me to see these marvelous sights and I am so grateful that it happened to be in beautiful Prince Edward Island.



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