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Canada Lights The Sky


Looking forward to the most outstanding celebration when the Island community comes together to commemorate the beginning of our home; the place we love most, Canada. Islanders come from vast distances all over the province to one area in order to have the best sighting of the fireworks that light the sky with color and streams of sparkle. Even those who cannot call themselves an “Islander” visit to take part in the festivities.

 canada day concert

The streets line up with cars and the sidewalks are bursting with groups of people sporting the nations colors with pride. Coming into downtown Charlottetown it becomes easily apparent that the best venue to enjoy is over looking the Charlottetown Harbor. Getting closer to the festivities, music is playing and vendors are auctioning. What looked like tigers, cats and zebras were children laughing after having their faces painted. The excitement grew rapidly until the crowd led me to the revealing festivities happening along the waters edge.


The echoes of the concerts bounce off the water while fans cheer in the distance. Couples holding hands and licking their ice creams before melting in the warm sun beaming down. As the day goes on the crowds thicken in anticipation for the finale of the evening. Grandparents putting out chairs for their grandkids to sit in, fathers lifting their daughters on their shoulders – everyone waiting for the sun to set.


The barge moves out into the harbor and the streets hold still in anticipation for the largest display of fireworks in the country. Suddenly a loud shrieking noise comes from the distance and BOOM! – the dark sky lights up with dazzling sparkles and vibrant colors. One after another, the sky is decorated with lights of all different kinds and just like that, everyone’s eyes are on the sky and the beautiful luminant displays.

This is unlike any other opportunity to celebrate Canada’s birthday where everyone; no matter your age, gender or your culture can partake as we catch the night sky glimmering with light in the province where it all began.1fireworks

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