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Canada Day In P.E.I. A Great Success!

Crowds were monumental and the vibe was overjoyed. The day began with the opening of the Celebration Zone over looking the Charlottetown Harbor at 11am followed by the opening of the Event Grounds at 2pm — it was spectacular!

photo 1For islanders and visitors, being a part of Prince Edward Island festivities this year is definitely not hard with promotions of festivals in every visible direction. It seems everyone you talk to is beaming with excitement for an event taking place this summer and P.E.I. is sticking out amongst the provinces this summer as a must-do destination! Where else are you going to be able to attend a free event every day for 70 days!?                  

photoThe idea behind it all is the ability to bring all of the provinces throughout Canada to their roots and so that all Islanders and Canadians have the chance to experience their country from one place. Each week every province will be featured at the (FREE!) Celebration Zone

There are endless event advertisements on the Islands social media followed up by printed promotions on nearly every busy street throughout the province! The sun in shinning gloriously on the big tents holding all the great festivities happening this summer.      

photo 2We are all advocates of our own country – free. We are proud to be a part of our beloved country and for that we celebrate its beginning in the place where it all began, Prince Edward Island.

The excitedment isn’t over – it’s merely just begun! See you at the Celebration Zone! #CZ2014


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