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The Island’s Fun National Parks

Looking for something to do outside this summer? Prince Edward Island’s National Park offers interpretive programs related to the local wildlife on famous beaches, lush trails, museums and heritage sites. While the parks stretch amongst 60 kilometers of the North Shore, the cost of these programs is included in the parks entry fee of $7.80 per adult while discounted for seniors, children and families.


The season began July 2nd and runs until August 29th where you can take part in many of the fun summer programs with a Parks Canada Interpreter. Parks Canada states:  “Whether you’re on a beach or trail, or around the campfire, this could be the experience that ignites your moment of discovery.” From Sensational Sandcastles, Campground Cabaret, Discovery Dome, Beach Finds, The Greenwich Story, Night Watch and Lobster Tales, you are bound to find something that interests you.

So what are you waiting for? The National Parks of Prince Edward Island present such a great assortment of activities and fun ways to learn and explore that every age group can enjoy.


For more information you can call the administration office at 902-672-6350 or visit their website.

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Avonlea Village awarded Certificate of Excellence for 2014

Avonlea Village in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island was awarded a Certificate of Excellence for 2014 by Trip Advisor, the world’s largest travel site. 

It is an honor to have Avonlea Village of Cavendish have received such a great award from Trip Advisor being such a prestigious award given only to those who uphold excellent customer satisfaction.

2012-05-anne-of-green-gables-bookAvonlea Village is a replica destination formed from the tale of Anne of Green Gables. This series was first published in 1908 and since publication, there has been more than 50 million copies sold and has been translated into 20 different languages. The story quickly became known world-wide and readers wondered if P.E.I. was a real place. Unlike many fiction novels, P.E.I. was in-fact a real place though; the characters and tales were fabricated by L.M. Montgomery – the author and creator of the famous tales.

Avonlea Village is a seasonal theme park that provides replicas of the town and characters of the very popular Anne of Green Gables series. It is nearly identical to the detailed town Anne lives in the stories that Anne admirers can experience for themselves. Many of the buildings and spots on the Avonlea Village site were the true structures that Montgomery was inspired by to write the books and used in the tales.

For most, this slow countryside lifestyle is out of reach and desired by many thus, experiencing such a way of life is yearned for by many readers.

Onsite Avonlea participants are able to attend school, dye wool, square dance, play musical spoons, dress in costume and so much more. The venue became a huge hit and their Certificate of Excellence is proof of that.

New ImageAvonleaeditedNew Imageavonleacropped

In order to determine who gets this award, Trip Advisor states: “To determine Certificate of Excellence honourees, we use a proprietary algorithm that factors in a variety of user-generated content. This includes review ratings, overall rating and quantity and recency of reviews. To qualify for a Certificate of Excellence, a hospitality business must:

•Maintain an overall TripAdvisor rating of at least four out of five

•Have a minimum number of reviews

•Have been listed on TripAdvisor for at least twelve months

A property’s popularity ranking on TripAdvisor is also factored into the algorithm.”bookmark

Venues aspire to have such an award and Avonlea has done so proving to their new and old customers that nearly all of their past attendees were very satisfied with the attractions they had while prompting others to attend as well.

Avonlea Village can be found at 8779 Route #6, Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, C0A 1M0 just five minutes from many other popular attractions in Cavendish such as Shinning Waters Family Fun Park, Green Gables House (who both also received a Certificate of Excellence) the PEI Dirt Shirt Factory, Sandspit Amusement Park, The Cavendish Boardwalk, Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, Wax World of the Stars, and so much more!



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Sailing the Island

photo 3sailingeditedMotoring out of the Charlottetown Yacht Club, the engine purring below the cabin and the boat rocking slightly against the waves. The sun begins to set in the distance reflecting gloriously against the blue Atlantic water as you finally get far enough from land to set sail. Helping the skipper of the boat, pulling ropes or just watching as the large white sail unfolds from the boom and a sheet immersing onto the mast; you’re sailing!

The engine turns off and the boat lifts slightly out of the water on a heel. The sound of the small waves hitting the side of the boat replaces any motorized sound. Peaceful. The wind pushing the boat forward, tightening and loosening ropes as requested by the skipper. Sitting on the edge of the boat with your feet dangling over the side, the occasional splash of salty water touching your toes.

         photo 1sailingedited   Looking out past the water, red cliffs supporting lighthouses on the edges surround you. From the middle of the harbor looking around the boat, three separate lighthouses are visible with others just around the corner. The warm sun is gleaming down on your face as you sail past the rocky sandstone cliffs.  The chef on board then presents you with his latest scrumptious creations made fresh in the boats cabin upon departure. After having a few bites the skipper then points out to the right side of the boat where a seals head has popped up out of the water. His body bobs in the blue as he checks out his new neighbors. Behind him are two herons along the shore also enjoying their dinner while scouting for insects, perhaps even a fish if they’re lucky. 

            photo 4sailingThe sun begins to set and the boat prepares for its return back to the yacht club. As the sail lowers and the motor starts up, it is back to reality after an enchanting afternoon in Charlottetown’s memorable Northumberland Straight.         

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Canada Day In P.E.I. A Great Success!

Crowds were monumental and the vibe was overjoyed. The day began with the opening of the Celebration Zone over looking the Charlottetown Harbor at 11am followed by the opening of the Event Grounds at 2pm — it was spectacular!

photo 1For islanders and visitors, being a part of Prince Edward Island festivities this year is definitely not hard with promotions of festivals in every visible direction. It seems everyone you talk to is beaming with excitement for an event taking place this summer and P.E.I. is sticking out amongst the provinces this summer as a must-do destination! Where else are you going to be able to attend a free event every day for 70 days!?                  

photoThe idea behind it all is the ability to bring all of the provinces throughout Canada to their roots and so that all Islanders and Canadians have the chance to experience their country from one place. Each week every province will be featured at the (FREE!) Celebration Zone

There are endless event advertisements on the Islands social media followed up by printed promotions on nearly every busy street throughout the province! The sun in shinning gloriously on the big tents holding all the great festivities happening this summer.      

photo 2We are all advocates of our own country – free. We are proud to be a part of our beloved country and for that we celebrate its beginning in the place where it all began, Prince Edward Island.

The excitedment isn’t over – it’s merely just begun! See you at the Celebration Zone! #CZ2014


For more information see

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Canada Lights The Sky


Looking forward to the most outstanding celebration when the Island community comes together to commemorate the beginning of our home; the place we love most, Canada. Islanders come from vast distances all over the province to one area in order to have the best sighting of the fireworks that light the sky with color and streams of sparkle. Even those who cannot call themselves an “Islander” visit to take part in the festivities.

 canada day concert

The streets line up with cars and the sidewalks are bursting with groups of people sporting the nations colors with pride. Coming into downtown Charlottetown it becomes easily apparent that the best venue to enjoy is over looking the Charlottetown Harbor. Getting closer to the festivities, music is playing and vendors are auctioning. What looked like tigers, cats and zebras were children laughing after having their faces painted. The excitement grew rapidly until the crowd led me to the revealing festivities happening along the waters edge.


The echoes of the concerts bounce off the water while fans cheer in the distance. Couples holding hands and licking their ice creams before melting in the warm sun beaming down. As the day goes on the crowds thicken in anticipation for the finale of the evening. Grandparents putting out chairs for their grandkids to sit in, fathers lifting their daughters on their shoulders – everyone waiting for the sun to set.


The barge moves out into the harbor and the streets hold still in anticipation for the largest display of fireworks in the country. Suddenly a loud shrieking noise comes from the distance and BOOM! – the dark sky lights up with dazzling sparkles and vibrant colors. One after another, the sky is decorated with lights of all different kinds and just like that, everyone’s eyes are on the sky and the beautiful luminant displays.

This is unlike any other opportunity to celebrate Canada’s birthday where everyone; no matter your age, gender or your culture can partake as we catch the night sky glimmering with light in the province where it all began.1fireworks

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Lighthouse Hunting

Being an islander it is sometimes hard to see what we take for granted from this Island of ours. The long dirt roads, the lush fields and the ocean surrounding us; these are merely a background noise to our everyday routine. As I had been away from the Island for so long, upon my return I was able to see things that I had taken for granted for so many years.


What I always loved most about Prince Edward Island was the water encompassing this small piece of land and mingling with the sandy shoreline beneath my toes. In saying that, the water may have been what I missed but the most alluring thing about the Island that I had neglected to admire was the commonness of such beautiful lighthouses occupying the many coasts of Prince Edward Island.


Many of the colonial lighthouses found on the Island were built before 1873 while providing a distinguishing flash pattern to early settlers when travelling by sea. These lighthouses in particular have an octagonal shape much like the Covehead lighthouse, while each one has it’s own individual day markings and flash patterns.


Travelling across the Island, whether you’re vacationing in Cavendish, oyster shucking in Souris or even downtown Charlottetown; a lighthouse is always nearby reflecting off the adjacent Atlantic Ocean. As my admiration for the Island’s beauty grew stronger, I decided to become a tourist for a day and see this province for what it really is, disregarding the fact that I’ve seen many of these roads before – I called it “Lighthouse Hunting”.

New Image

Any day that I had free I would travel to a coast line, unaware of any lighthouses nearby in the hopes that I would spot one. To my surprise, I have yet to travel without sighting one in the distance. Some were old and needed a little TLC while others were grand, standing tall over steep vibrant red cliffs. Looking through tourist’s eyes in my own hometown allowed me to see these marvelous sights and I am so grateful that it happened to be in beautiful Prince Edward Island.



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2014 Royal Tour of Prince Edward Island

2014 royal tour The 2014 Royal Tour of Their Royal Highnesses, The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, will showcase Prince Edward Island’s natural beauty, rich history and people, says Premier Robert Ghiz.

“As we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Charlottetown Conference it’s an excellent opportunity to shine the spotlight on Prince Edward Island,” said Premier Ghiz. “Their Royal Highnesses will get an authentic look at our Island during their visits to Bonshaw, Charlottetown and Cornwall.”

Today, Shelly Glover, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages, announced events planned throughout the 2014 Royal Tour of Canada May 18 to 21. A full itinerary has also been made available on the 2014 Royal Tour official website.

Some highlights of the Prince Edward Island itinerary include:

• Victoria Day celebrations outside Province House

• Youth Parliament in the Legislative Chamber at Province House

• Symons Medal Ceremony at The Confederation Centre of the Arts

• His Royal Highness’s visit to Holland College – Prince of Wales Campus

• Her Royal Highness’s tour of the Prince Edward Home

• A visit to Cornwall United Church

• His Royal Highness’s tour of Bonshaw Provincial Park

• Her Royal Highness’s visit to Immanuel Christian School

Find the latest information regarding the 2014 Royal Tour to Prince Edward Island on the Prince Edward Island Government Facebook page, InfoPEI on Twitter and Find more information on the Royal Tour in Canada at


On the evening of Monday, May 19 Islanders are invited to welcome Their Royal Highnesses to Prince Edward Island as they arrive at the Charlottetown Airport. His Royal Highness last visited the province back in 1983 and it will be Her Royal Highness’s first visit.

• Later that evening Their Royal Highnesses will join Islanders for Victoria Day celebrations outside Province House. The event will include multicultural musical and theatre performances as well as fireworks to end the night.

• On the morning of May 20 Their Royal Highnesses will return to Province House to attend a Youth Parliament held in the Legislative Chamber and to tour the Confederation Chamber where the Charlottetown Conference was held in 1864.

• The public are welcome to join Their Royal Highnesses outside as they walk from Province House down the steps into Memorial Hall of the Confederation Centre of the Arts. During the visit His Royal Highness will be presented with an Honourary Symons medal.

• His Royal Highness will then proceed to Holland College, Prince of Wales Campus where he will visit the Centre for Applied Science and Technology. His Royal Highness will meet with students engaged in projects related to urban development and sustainability and with community leaders and alumni.

• Meanwhile, Her Royal Highness will tour the new Prince Edward Home and meet with residents and staff. Her Royal Highness will observe the various medical interventions and social activities that are offered at the home.

• Their Royal Highnesses will travel to Cornwall United Church that afternoon where they will meet with various community groups from Prince Edward Island including women’s organizations, veterans, community activists and volunteers. The public are welcome to greet the couple outside the church prior to their departure.

• His Royal Highness will then tour Bonshaw Provincial Park for a first-hand look at the natural beauty of Prince Edward Island as he explores the park’s new trail system.

• Meanwhile, Her Royal Highness will visit Immanuel Christian School in Charlottetown where she will meet with students who wrote letters to the Royal Couple inviting them to their school.

• Late that afternoon, Islanders are welcome to join Their Royal Highnesses at the Charlottetown Airport as they bid farewell to Prince Edward Island.

Guy Gallant
Press Secretary, Premier’s Office
Telephone: (902) 368-4400

Isabel MacDougall
Tourism PEI Marketing, Communications
Phone: (902)894-0364

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Tourism PEI to host 2013 GoMedia Canada Marketplace September 8-12

August 27, 2013
For immediate release
Tourism PEI to host 2013 GoMedia Canada Marketplace September 8-12

Tourism and Culture

Over 125 travel media from all over the world will descend on Charlottetown next month for the annual GoMedia Canada Marketplace, and Prince Edward Island’s tourism industry stands to benefit, says Minister of Tourism and Culture Robert Henderson.

“Given the upcoming 2014 celebrations, there has never been a better time for our province to host this important annual event,” said Minister Henderson. “GoMedia Marketplace brings together travel writers, journalists, bloggers and photographers from all over the world as well as representatives from destinations across Canada in an effort to promote the country to potential visitors. It’s the first time the event will be held anywhere east of Quebec City and, since it’s being held here on the Island, it will give travel media the opportunity to explore our beautiful province, share that beauty with the world and learn about all the events and activities taking place in 2014.”

Minister Henderson was also quick to point out that the construction of the new Prince Edward Island Convention Centre was a key factor in bringing the event to the Island.

The province and PEI 2014 Inc. have invested a total of $300,000 to bring the event to Prince Edward Island.

GoMedia is produced annually by the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC). It will be held in Charlottetown from September 8 to12, 2013. The event also offers media the chance to experience a variety of pre and post tours across the country. The CTC, in partnership with 2013 hosts Tourism PEI, will promote the province alongside other Canadian destinations.

“GoMedia is a wonderful opportunity for our travel partners to meet with Canadian and international media face to face. Through the event itself, as well as the wonderful pre and post media tours that several provinces and territories have organized, media walk away with a roster full of inspiring Canadian story ideas,” says Ernst Flach, Executive Director of Global Communications with the CTC. “The CTC, Tourism PEI and all of our partners have been hard at work preparing for this event. Everyone is in for a wonderful experience on Canada’s ‘million-acre farm.’“

For more information about the event, please visit the GoMedia website at: GoMedia Canada Marketplace


Media Contact: Andrew Sprague

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